2017 – 31 – Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

A change of plan this week: as it’s World Happiness Month this month, the choir assembled on the balcony overlooking the centre (the area in the middle of the 4 wings) and sung the prisoners off to work. It made me smile but there are a lot of guys here who are resistant against anything fun; fun’s not street cred; images to keep up… After their 10 minute performance, they joined us at our rehearsal.

We ran through the 2 opening numbers with them; which were the 2 songs I’d been teaching them. They were slow to warm-up (average age: unknown but not young) and one or two of the guys could not stand for any protracted period of time but by the end they sounded great. I even had a goose bump moment.

Later on I was able to hear a couple of the songs; which I haven’t heard in years. Little by Little and Hand of Shells (available to stream in the Songs and Music page of Who Is Graham?). Wow! I’d forgotten so many bits. I really sweated over the bass part in LBL; lots of bass and drum team-ups as well. HOS was no less a revelation. So many guitar overdubs and production trickery with delay and such like. If only HMP Frankland hadn’t destroyed the other 28, or so, songs. What went wrong in some ones life to be so malicious?

Be happy, be safe (and be nice).
Graham Coutts, 12th March 2017

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