2017 -29 – Faeces


Hello friend,

Yes, you read it correctly. Whilst some of us attempt to find opportunities for self development, positivity, contemplation and some level of peace, others just throw faeces around!

In this past week there have been several incidences of prisoners returning to their cells only to find that someone had redecorated using a rather unpleasant substance; yes, I am talking about faeces. The targets of these attacks have lost family photographs, clothes, educational work, as well as other more expensive items.

One guy on another decided to throw it, like a chimp in a zoo, at the dinner queue. I am unusually lost for words. It’s not clear why this has been going on but there have been a number of new arrivals who are not happy about coming to this prison.

Be happy, be safe (and be clean)
Graham Coutts, 3rd March 2017.

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