2017-28 – Media


Hello friend,

My last blog: “… whilst other prisons were rioting we were singing!”

The media never print any of the positive aspects of prison, do they? If it’s negative, the story will be negative, e.g. Riots = “subhuman scum;” if it’s positive, the story will have a negative spin, e.g. in order to lead a crime free life, prisoners are making constructive use of their time through self-development and education in the Arts = “subhuman scum having fun at the taxpayers expense.”

It could be argued that the media’s propensity to demonise prisoners, regardless of the efforts some make to become better people, shuts down the more creative, and proven (education and the Arts), rehabilitating avenues. If so, then by extension, the media contribute to recidivism; and, dare I say it, so do their customers who continue to pay them to publish these sorts of hateful and negative stories.

This type of ‘journalism’, if we can all it that, is so very disappointing. How small are their aspirations?

Be happy, be safe (and let others live in the dark).
Graham Coutts, 3rd March 2017

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