2017 -27 – Arts project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

No new songs. We split off into groups. A couple of guys sorting out percussion ideas, another 2 working on string arrangements, and the rest of us looking at performance; it was like pulling teeth. In fact, one of the guys could have probably done with having one of his teeth pulled: abscess. Nonetheless, it still felt like we made some headway.

I’ve also been working on an application to the Arts Council; one of the parts requires an activity plan. Phew! So much to do, so little time. The budget looks interesting as well. You have to work out ’support in kind’ (the costs of volunteer time, if they were getting paid, and other support, like rehearsal room, equipment, etc.) As a musician, we would be getting paid £133 for each rehearsal and performances (Musicians’ Union rates). That totals nearly £6,000 per musicians (x7). Then when you add in performers, set designers, choir, and so forth, it comes to over £30,000! Just to be clear, that’s what it would cost if the volunteers and other support were getting paid.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 3rd March 2017

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