2017 – 23 – Media


Hello friend.

So, these 2 recent newspaper articles were from The Daily Star (online) and The Metro. Both were about my cross- border transfer application. It appears that Daily Star published theirs first and The Metro, essentially, republished it with most of the inaccuracies; which were, incidentally, Daily Star 7 – Metro 4 (not including case inaccuracies, which are difficult to challenge due to my conviction).

They took a lot their information from my blog of 15th January 2017, entitled ’transfer:’ have a re-read and tell me if I said I wanted to “go home” for the ’view of snow-topped mountains,’ or that HMP Edinburgh was my “top choice,” or that I was “boasting” about my “previous trip to HMP Edinburgh.” Forgive me, but I thought I had blogged that “anywhere in Scotland is going to be closer for my Mother to visit,” and made the observation that HMP Edinburgh “had the most beautiful view of snow capped mountains.” Observations and facts, only; not boasting and sightseeing.

I’ve written to the editors of both papers (interestingly, to make a complaint about The Metro you have to write to the Readers’ Editor at The Daily Mail; one of the papers who had to make page 2 corrections last time), drawn their attention to the fact they that they have breached Part 1 (accuracy) of the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s ’Editors’ Code of Practice, and requested that they make prompt corrections to the inaccuracies.

Stay tuned.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 25th February 2017

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