2017-22 – Arts

Arts Project

Hello friend,

Worked on the first 2 numbers of a 6 song cycle. It was challenging for some of the band as there were time signature changes, extra bars and parts of future songs appearing out of nowhere.

The performers were also being taken into new areas. There is a dark character (the personification of the main character’s negativity) who is meant to put the audience on edge. I wanted to move in this taut, sinewy fashion. The guy playing just grinned through his whole interpretation; making him appear avuncular and benign. Nothing creepy there.

I just hope the audience laugh at the purposely comedic moments and not the parts that are serious. I’m having the image of the audience shouting “he’s behind you!”, “oh, no, he isn’t!”, “oh, yes he is!”.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts,24th February 2017

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