2017-19-Instrumental project

Project Instrumental

Hello friend,

In November, we were treated to a string orchestra called Project Instrumental. Some of the guys who go to ‘band night’ were invited to attend their afternoon rehearsal. There was 11 of them; wow, what an amazing sound! Then they did an evening performance for all to attend. There was a classical piece, a more modern number, as well as their string arrangement of ‘Rolling in The Deep’ and ‘Wonderwall’. The Adele number went down so well they did it as an encore; it was a standing ovation.

We were asked to give our feedback; this is what I wrote:

“Dear Project Instrumental

This is a short note to say thank you for coming in to HMP Wakefield and performing such beautiful music.

Very often you forget just how much prison takes away from you; just how grey this environment can be. Hearing you play and seeing the joy this gave to the prisoners was a truly moving experience. It has been a long time since music has brought a tear to my eye; I know I was not the only one who was moved in this way.

I think your project is inspirational and was clear that each and every one of you were genuine and lovely people who had a deep love for the music you were playing.

Thank you once again, and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes to you all.”

This kind of project is so valuable for inspiring prisoners and reminding them of the beauty that is inherent in life; however, this requires funding. Check them out; I’m sure they have a web site.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 18th February 2017

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