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Just in case my 3 blogs weren’t ranty enough… 3 things you hear more and more on TV shows (albeit mindless trash TV), which are guaranteed to make me change channels:

1. “I want to show the world …” Usually this sentence ends with “what I can do”, “I can sing”, “I can do other styles”, or “I’m good enough to put through to the next
round.” Newsflash (person of low self esteem): “the world” doesn’t care. “The world” has more important things to worry about like global warming, famine and war; or maybe just paying the overdue utility bill. Stop seeking affirmation of which you are through such vacuous pursuits and start living in the real world.

In fact, I don’t usually let them get to the end of the sentence before changing channels as I know they are going to follow up with…

2. “I’m going to give it 110%” C’mon! You don’t need to be a theoretical physicist to know that the maximum output of human effort can only reach 100%. Where are you going o get the extra 10% from? Are you going to reach into the 4th dimension or use your 6th sense?

Then they are asked a question and respond with…

3. “D’you knows what…?” Aargh! It’s too much, even writing about it is driving me crazy!!

‘Click’. Phew, channel changed.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 31st December 2017

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