2017-18 – Arts project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

The highlight of my week are our rehearsals. Unfortunately, it’s always the most stressful morning of the week. After setting up, we only get about 1 1/2 hours of actual rehearsal time. Given the time we have, I’ve had to set a tight practice schedule. I find myself forever looking at the clock and keeping the guys focused (some more than others).

This week we learnt another 2 numbers and ran through all 9 songs; nearly half the set. The guys are all doing really well. The band are keeping up with the pace and the performers are starting to develop their character’s performances; interacting with each other and emoting through the lyrics.

One of the band is multi – talented. He’s a great designer and artist. He’s creating some graphic novel frames of the story. They’re very Frank Miller inspired characters. The story has one really strong female character who saves the day (The Guardian). Well, his poster advertising for that role wasn’t very well received. Some of the comments were that it was too ’dark’ in colour (black, red and gold) and content. The story does tackle some challenging issues. If it didn’t the narrative arc would be too linear and banal. The audience has to identify with the main character on some level to go with him on his ‘rollercoaster’ journey. So, the poster didn’t even get used in the end. Such a shame.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 17th February 2017

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