Hello friend,

My favourite time of the year. I used to love the whole build up through December: buying the tree (real, of course – you can never replace the smell of pine needles ); decorating; present buying and ( even better ) wrapping; the advent calendar; the food shopping; the food preparation ( yes, I did have to get in the shower with the turkey one year as it was to big to wash in the sink! ); the movies; the shows; the food eating; and being with your loved ones ( which, I of course, is why we go through it ).

There is no other time of the year which beats Christmas morning.

As you can imagine, my 15th Christmas in prison had none of the above. I’ll sum up a prison Christmas in one word – horrible.

Be happy, be safe (be Christmasy).
Graham Coutts, 31st December 2017

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