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Another film related grumble.

Many years ago, I watched the film ‘Meet Joe Black’. There was a scene where Brad Pitt steps out onto the road, after a run of the mill conversation with his girlfriend, whereupon he gets hit by a vehicle. I’ve never seen anyone run over but the special effects made it look very realistic and it was shocking; not least because there was no warning of the accident.

I’ve lost count now of the number of films and TV shows where they have used the same effect. It’s now never a shock because you know that the criminal being pursued or the pedestrian backing out onto the street is going to be hit by a truck. Do something different, for goodness sake!

To throw in a related overused technique: so the guy hit by the truck is on the street, unconscious (or dragged from a lake, or beaten up, or electrocuted, or any number of scenarios). Instead of slowly coming round a bit confused, disorientated or frightened, the actor does the old ‘bolt upright with a sharp intake of breath’ action.

Channel hopping, I saw a clip of a cyclist coming round after knocking himself out. He slowly regained consciousness, whilst mumbling incoherently. No bolt upright, no sharp intake of breath.

Why do filmmakers insist on using unrealistic clichés? Because it’s safe and easy? It just makes me roll my eyes and sigh…

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 23rd December 2017

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