2017-174-Inside Time {Psychology)

Inside Time (Psychology)

Hello friend,

There was a reply to my letter in Inside Time (blog: 137). It was written by a resident from Rampton Hospital (name withheld). It’s a little confusing as to whether they are agreeing or disagreeing with what was written.

They start off by saying that “…People who slag off all psychology courses really pee me off,” but then go on to say “…All you had to do was … tell them what you think they want to hear.” From my experience, this appears to (sadly) hold true; validate prison psychologists’ belief in the power of cognitive therapy and you progress, regardless of whether the prisoner is being honest.

The writer goes on to praise hospital run courses but finishes with: “I’m sure prison psychologists mean well, but can only work with the crap courses they are given.” Partly true. There are also crap psychologists working with crap courses.

Too much ’crap’ for my liking.
Graham Coutts, 16th December 2017

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