2017-17-Arts project

Arts Project

I had the first session with the prisoner choir. There are about a dozen of them. I was, unusually, a little under – prepared. That will not happen again. They were really enthusiastic about the project and the songs. They’ve also agreed to double – up as extras, when required. We’ll probably use them on about half of the numbers. Even though they didn’t know any of the songs, they did really well on the 3 parts we worked on. I tested out some of the 4-part harmonies on the wing with 3 of the performers; sounded amazing. I’m very excited about the potential of this.

This weeks rehearsal was a ’consolidation week’; no new numbers. We worked on the links between the songs and tightened up a few parts. I really enjoy this collaborative process. A lot of creative minds working towards the same goal. The performers are still a bit self – conscious; some great harmonies, though.

One of the guys said I am like the teacher in ‘Whiplash’. Aw, c’mon, I am much worse!

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