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Hello friend,

The original blog entitled ‘key’ was stopped by security as it was deemed as: ‘could cause anxiety’. Putting to one side that the PSI only allows them stop correspondence/blog ‘intends to cause anxiety’, who would it cause anxiety to?

The original blog was about one of the new recruits getting his key stuck in my door and ended with an irreverent joke: “How low must the bar be for the Prison Service to be recruiting people who don’t know how to use keys. It’s a fundamental part of the job, right?”

Well, it certainly was and is not my intention to cause anyone anxiety; however, for that to even happen, they would not only have to know about my blog, they would also have to find and read it.

The question now as is: if an irreverent joke is enough to ‘cause anxiety’ is the Prison Service admitting that they are employing people who are just too sensitive to work in a high security prison; or, has the person who stopped my blog just not got a sense of humour? We will find out if this blog gets stopped.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 9th April 2018

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