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Arts Project

Hello friend,

The plot thickens: I got a reply back from the Governor; after spending a significant amount of time deciphering his writing (worse than mine, would you believe) with the help of others, he said that the manager denied referring my request for a hard copy of my score to him. He went on, cryptically: “…all matters relating to this issue are being dealt with correctly and I will advise them of your request.”

‘Them’? Who are ‘them’? Why is my request for a copy of my work having to even go to ‘them’? This is becoming very concerning. Are we going the same way as my Frankland recordings and I’ll not get any copies of my work? Is this going to end up in court, again? There are some very ill-conceived decisions going on here.

Later on I ran into the project Governor. First of all, he was under the misapprehension that I was suing the prisoner I had sent a ‘cease and desist’ legal notice. Not true. As a result of this notice, all requests are now going to the Litigation Department; this is getting ridiculous. They’ll end up sending these requests to the MoJ’S solicitor (GLD), who’ll fanny around for months before checking out their legal position. All this fear and suspicion.

Right now, I have no interest in suing either the prisoner or the MoJ; however, they are now creating a situation whereby legal action may be my only option just to get a hard copy of my score.

Oh boy, these people really do not think things through and are going to end up costing the MoJ tens of thousand of pounds, again. Just print off my score for me (cost: £1 – £2).

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 18th November 2017

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