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Arts Project

Hello friend,

There’s yet more strange and unhelpful behaviour going on from management. I asked the Print Shop instructor for a hard copy of my whole score for ‘The 4 Lives of Jimmy G’. He had been instructed that all arts project printing now had to be authorised by management. Why? It’s not as if the prison is paying the £1 -£2 it would cost.

They spoke to their manager who wouldn’t or couldn’t authorise this; it’s getting even stranger. I was instructed to make an application to the Governor who is in charge of the department the Print Shop comes under.

Y’know, despite the hundred of hours put in by the team, mostly in their own time, none of us have been formally or informally thanked; nor have any of us had any positive file entries or positive IEPs for the hard work we all put in; and now it comes to this. Having to jump through hoops to get a copy of my work which would cost the prison nothing.

From the fruits of my labour (weeks of putting together the Arts Council application), they get a £2, 500, state of the art mixing desk, 5 x £500 headset mics, orchestra and choir mics, and other equipment: plus, money into their workshops (woodwork, textiles and Print Shop).

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 12th November 2017

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