2017-145-Category A (Security)

Category A (Security)

Hello friend,

# 6, ‘oh, the humanity’

This is a priceless and a text book example of abusing your position; possibly even ‘misfeasance in a public office.’

Cast your mind back to the first false allegation (blog no.: 140); the C-Nomis entry which claimed I was dishonestly seeking information; a claim which was later retracted and the entry rectified.

You may already know that, as prisoners, we retain all civil rights. Some of you may not agree with that but that fascist/ Nazi view is a conversation for another time. So, to disprove and rectify the false C-Nomis entry, I followed the correct internal protocols and the provisions which allow for the rights of all citizens of this country.

Not only did the staff involved, initially, refuse to follow DPA98 legislation but they also submitted this IR to Security, which was then included as a “concerning behaviour” in their Cat A report on me:

Wow!? In some ways, this final false allegation transcends the level of dishonesty and/or maliciousness of the others. Here is a member of staff who has conspired with other staff to manufacture a negative and false entry, who has ignored their legal obligations under the DPA98, and has, by doing so, been guilty of covering up their actions. So what do they do? They submit another damaging and false allegation which, to he CART, would make me look dishonest and manipulative.

What more can I add? The Cat A review process is nothing but a sham and open to the kinds of abuse I have detailed in the last few blogs. If these people develop a personal grudge against you, as a Cat A, they have the power to keep you in prison until you die. I was going to say, “and there is not a damn thing you can do about it,” but I’m not so sure. We got to the moon, didn’t we?

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 7th November 2017

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