2017-126-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

Harmony rehearsals went really well this week; everyone confident. Choir rehearsal, also, went well. Finally, finished programming the guitar effects pedal patches; I now know why I’m a ‘plug in and play’ guitarist.

Had 2 rehearsals this week. The first one was acoustic based to work through the set changes with the cubes. One of the guys was behaving appallingly (lots of childish strops). Whilst not without issues, it was a good rehearsal, nonetheless.

Now, the second rehearsal…wow! Wow, wow, wow! ! We had the string quartet from Project Instrumental. What a day; my best day in over 14 years. To hear my songs with such great string arrangements was an extremely emotional and joyful moment. Their playing was sublime; there are not enough adjectives to describe the day. They are such lovely people as well and looked like they were really enjoying playing the material. We moved into the back room in the afternoon and continued acoustically; they sounded even better. We were all utterly captivated by their sound and now really looking forward to the shows; we couldn’t stop smiling!

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 6th October 2017

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