2017-125-Arts Project (Harassment)

Arts Project (harassment)

Hello friend,

[sigh]…Yet more problems. We finally sorted out one of the teams going across to C wing (none of the team are on C wing to start taking advance bookings; however, he wasn’t allowed to canvass the wing. He was only allowed to sit at the Prisoner Information Desk; strange, the prisoners who are on the Rehabilitative Culture Panel were allowed to go from wing to wing, door to door, with their questionnaire. I’m probably reading too much into the fact that, yet again, we are being obstructed from taking actions that will ensure the success of this project. It gets worse… I wrote out a crafted call for the wing SO to make over the tannoy; he refused to do it and instead made a garbled, unenthusiastic tannoy announcement. It gets worse…

Quite some time ago, I previously blogged about another prisoner who had this weird obsessive vendetta against me; don’t ask me why, I’d had few interactions with him and none have been anything other than cordial. When he found out that we were taking advance bookings for the show he brazenly admitted to our guy that he was trying to put prisoners off from going because it’s to do with his ‘friend’, i.e me. This was further verified by another prisoner who told our guy that he had been running around the wing telling everyone who would listen that the show was “s***” and not to bother going. We ended up with 18 prisoners signed up; as opposed to the 95 we got off B wing.

It’s not this guy is popular (he’s not) or has influence (apart from his few acolytes, he has none) but he knows how to insidiously spread rumours. He tells 5 people, who tell 5 people, who tell 5 people, and that’s virtually the whole wing who are now buying into the rumour; he’s had to do little work but is now anonymous as the originator of the rumour. Add to that the sheep mentality of the human condition, i.e “if they’re not going, I’m not going,” and you have created a situation whereby one prisoner can have a really negative effect on the success of an event.

There is a part of me who feels pity for someone who holds onto such a lot of hatred and negativity. What must be going on in this guy’s head? More importantly, what is the prison doing to tackle this type of obsessive behaviour? If this was happening outside I would have contacted the police a long time ago and got them to prosecute under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. I have a copy of this Act and it meets the ingredients for this offence. I could always take a civil action against him…mm…now there’s an idea.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 6th October 2017

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