2017-122-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

I ran into the new Governor who has taken over from Governor […]. He’s passed the project onto one of his managers Luckily not the one who has done so much damage but disappointing nonetheless that he has opted to take a hands off approach.

Weekend vocal and harmony rehearsals went particularly well.

The manager who destroyed the props turned up at the extra rehearsal this week. They proceeded to throw the blame at the feet of security, said several things I know to be untrue and refused to give straight answers to some of the questions that were thrown at them. I asked them why they destroyed the staff and threw the pieces in the bins in the woodwork shop; right under the noses of the guys who had put so much time creating it; the reply; “I’m not prepared to go into that, Graham.” Why not? If they’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide why be so evasive. Draw your own conclusions. They also claimed that they were unaware that all of this work was to be entered into the Koestler competition; which is a little odd as all of their bosses are aware of this fact, including one they share an office with.

The whole thing smacked as an attempt to spin the truth; very badly handled. If they had come in and showed some contrition and ownership of their actions the team would have respected that instead of having an even lower opinion of that manager. They’ve not even seen or apologised to the guys in the workshop.

The graphic design work one of the guys has done is fantastic: posters, tickets and, to follow, show programmes. Little works of art.

This week’s rehearsal: we finally had a chance to work with the set cubes, some of the costumes and the choir also came down. Despite taking longer to set up (getting our head round the new gear) we still got through nearly half the set. It went well but I’m getting frustrated with the guitar effects pedal; I still haven’t programmed it. I did some work on this in the afternoon and evening. I need to get this finished before the string quartet, from Project Instrumental, come in next week; we’re all so excited about this.

Worked with the choir the following day; it went really well.

With one or two reservations, my confidence that we will deliver a pretty good show is riding high.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 9th September 2017

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