2017-121-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

The destruction continues… the bird skull cap was returned with the beak cut off and the elongated fingers were also destroyed. Unbelievable. Now, they are refusing to finish the cubes for the set. All that is left is to paste a picture of a house on one side and trim the paper. There has been hours off work put into the plan of how to use them. Mini-cubes were made out of card, each side is coded, each side has colour, every move of the cubes is planned out in detail with a pictorial representation, and they refuse to paste the picture.

I put all of this in writing to the No.1 Governor. Luckily, I saw him the next day. He said that it was funny that no-one had told him about this. I thought to myself that it wasn’t. I suspect that there is a lot that goes on in these places that staff don’t want to admit to the No. 1.

By the end of the day I’d found out that it wasn’t DST who destroyed this work but one of the civilian managers. In fact, the same one who stopped me for weeks from doing the score and work on this project. The same one whose department stopped me from working with the choir for weeks, the same one who kept giving false information about me to the Governor […], the same one whose department missed my name off the lists for extra rehearsals; are you seeing the same pattern that I am seeing?

When I next saw the No.1 he’d had a meeting with the manager who had told him that they had destroyed the props because they were not what was agreed. They’re suggesting that a broom handle was agreed. A broom handle! Nice try. Even if that were true (right), why destroy something that was so much better than a broom handle?

Attempting to destroy this project? I will be pursuing this further.

No performance rehearsal this week; cancelled, due to staff training lockdown. Choir rehearsal was frustrating as they were being made to learn a new number which had nothing to do with this project. That cut down my time to 1 hour. Not enough time to go through everything they sing. Project Instrumental have postponed their rehearsal with us until 14th September (because the score is more complicated than anticipated?).

No costumes, no sets, no props, no headset mics and other new equipment, no… many other things and we only have 3 more confirmed rehearsals over the next 3 weeks and 4 days before the shows. Imagine all of this and being in an environment where your movements and ability to contact others are restricted, where you’re reliant on other people to make it happen. Imagine the stress you would be under.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 2nd September 2017

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