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Staff stealing prisoners’ food from the servery is a sackable offence. Throughout my time in prison I have observed staff doing this many times, yet, I am not aware of any of them being sacked.

I’ve been getting a number of reports that some of the staff who work on the servery have been eating prisoners’ food, stealing the condiments, and putting their hands in the chips. Some of them go on to dunk the chips in the gravy or curry sauce, take a bite, then dunk them again.

How can you respect any member of staff who conduct themselves in this manner? They clearly think that they are above the rules. What do you think would happen if they were challenged by management? Would they admit it or lie and deny it?

One of them, when it looked like they were going to run out of chips for the rest of the prisoners, stuck his whole hand in the chips and took a handful for himself. Whilst they just made it, this could have led to prisoners without chips.

Be happy, be safe (petty theft (?), sneaky and weak).

Graham Coutts, 2nd September 2017

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