2017-115-Heart attack and handcuffs (civil case)

Heart Attack & Handcuffs (civil case)

Hello friend,

I’ve got my case management decision appeal hearing tomorrow. You know, the next time you hear the MoJ carping on about prisoners claims wasting public money think on this: I have on 2 occasions offered to settle this case to save the wasteful costs of the MoJ defending the claim. The last time, I pointed out to them that they have this appeal hearing and the trial (plus other case management hearings) which will increase their costs by thousands, my offer was reasonable.

So, what do they do? Think realistically and rationally? No. They send me their statement of costs just for the appeal hearing (not including any other of the costs so far in this case). The grand total was £3,986! The cost of the barrister alone is £1,695! The reality is that the MoJ do not give 2 hoots about wasting public money.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 21st August 2017

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