2017-113-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

What a great week! The string score was finished and sent to Project Instrumental. They should be coming in a couple of weeks.

The choir session went much better; far more enthusiasm. We’ll get them in on a full rehearsal in about 3 weeks.

The big thing this week was one of the The Geese Theatre Company coming in to do some workshops with the performers. The first day consisted of lots of drama exercises to get us thinking about, amongst other things, character, motivation, emotion, movement and reaction. We applied this to the afternoon session where we did some of the songs. Unfortunately, one of the guys couldn’t come to any of the workshops as his instructor wouldn’t let him. This was an opportunity for his self-development and a member of staff wouldn’t allow it; ridiculous!

We had our morning rehearsal on the second day with both the director and the guy from Geese. Our drummer was on holiday so it was a stripped down acoustic rehearsal. What a revelation! All the guys upped their game, massively. There is a song which calls on one of the good characters to do battle with one of the bad characters; the performances were so dynamic. Brilliant!

One of the guys even told me that he nearly started crying whilst performing one number. This was a big step forward as he’s now accessing and connecting to the emotion of the song.

We continued the good work into the afternoon session. None of us, including the guy from Geese, wanted it to stop. We were all feeling far more confident, a big thanks to D from Geese.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 21st August 2017

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