2017-118-Cell Move

Cell Move

Hello friend,

There are 3 levels of Category A prisoner: standard risk (me); medium risk; and, high risk. If you are a high risk Cat. A prisoner you have to move cells every month. That used to apply all Cat. A prisoners but over the years they have relaxed this craziness. Even for a high risk Cat. A it’s crazy. In this prison, there are Cat. A cells which have been specifically designed to make escape impossible; plus, every day all the cells are checked by officers. So what’s the point in moving a high risk Cat. A? Answers on a postcard.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the Cat. As, we have to swap with any high risk Cat. As to accommodate their paranoid fuelled craziness. I cannot begin to tell you how much hassle this is; added to which is having to clean the filth, and urine soaked floor and walls around the toilet (not my cell, I was trained by a previous significant other – use your imagination).

They came knocking: I was told that I was picked, not by wing staff but DST (Dedicated Search Team) because I had been in my cell for the longest. A few days later I found out the truth. The high risk Cat. A had refused to move, because he was being asked to move into a filthy cell, and was placed on report and adjudicated. Wing staff must have thought: “who on this wing keeps a clean cell and will not flare up?” I was that patsy.

Y’know, I’d have a lot more respect for staff in here if they weren’t so sneaky in their approach. Just tell me the truth. You’ve come to my door because you want an easy life. No extra paperwork to fill in when the other prisoner refuses to move and no histrionics from the prisoner you approach.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 1st September 2017

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