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I’ve written a few blogs on safety in prison this year (blog no: 36, 44, 65 and 76); this is, in part, a continuation.

First of all, the B wing incident: so we are waiting to leave the wing when just a couple of feet in front of me a prisoner, apoplectic with rage, shouting and bawling, kicks a guy in the stomach; a bit like in that film about the Spartan’s (300?) where Gerard Butler kicks an envoy into a near bottomless pit. What was it about? No idea. All the other guy appeared to have done was to say hello. Anyway, cue alarm bell and lots of staff appearing out of nowhere; the incident had been quickly dealt with by wing staff by the time the other staff arrived, anyway.

The more troubling incident happened on another wing. I had previously blogged about the tense atmosphere on B wing and that certain prisoners wanted to hurt certain types of other prisoners; those prisoners had been moved to other wings. Problem solved? Not really.

An old man in his 60s got attacked and hospitalised by 3 of those prisoners (tough guys eh?). After they had been locked behind their doors, they then proceeded to smash up and set fire to their cells.

The prison knew about this threat to safety; I even had a visit from the Safer Custody department because of my previous blogs on this subject.

I have no idea what preventative actions the prison took, if any, but clearly it was not enough. You can guarantee that had the threat been against particular staff those prisoners would have been removed from every area where those staff worked. So why did this not happen here? The Security department would have to answer that but the appearance is that the safety of the prisoners is valued less and by extension our value as human beings.

“What does matter is some old paedophile gets beaten up by a mob, right?” (I should say that I’ve no idea who the guy is who got beaten up or what he is in prison for.) If you agree with that statement maybe you should be looking at your own humanity a little more closely. If you try to justify violence against certain types of human being you are following the same doctrine as Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and every other genocidal psychopath.

I wonder what justification Security made which compromised that old guy’s safety?

Be happy, be safe (my little sign off seems rather inappropriate, given the above).

Graham Coutts, 15th August 2017

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