2017-107-Arts Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

Nearly there with the score. Only 2 more string arrangements to finish. Phew! Project Instrumental will probably be coming in to rehearse with us at the end of the month. They’ll be note perfect and we’ll be…mmm?

All of the ideas for the set cubes have been agreed. They’ve all been made, paint bought, all undercoated, rest of the paint bought, just waiting for the final coats of paint to be done. The final part will to print off a child-like picture of a house; which will be stuck onto the side of the cubes, ready to be built during the final number.

I don’t want to say too much at this stage but we’ve got a couple of people turning up for one of the shows who are ‘connected’ in the world of musicals. It’s very intriguing.

Stretch will not be coming back in; no idea why and unlikely to find out in this world of secrets I live in. Other options for filming the above are being investigated…

The rehearsal this week went okay. We got through the entire show for the first time. There were still too many mistakes and we had to stop a few times but there were lots to be positive about. Some of the numbers sounded tight. We’ve really got to work on the dynamics of the piece. Normally, this comes when the band are super confident and working as one unit, instead of trapped in their own little musical bubble concentrating on their parts and not listening to the other musicians.

I do feel a little less anxious, now. I think nearly finishing the strings has lifted a lot of pressure off me. Although, only 45 days to go!

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 13th August 2017

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