2017-102-Art Project

Arts Project

Hello friend,

There’s definitely been a change of mood since we obtained the Arts Council funding. There now feels like there’s a sense of urgency; finally. VIPs are being invited, the set is being constructed, costumes will be started soon (once we get measured next week); we even had some photos taken of the performance team (this was by a dour-faced DST (Dedicated Search Team) officers; they never look happy.

Next week we’ve got Stretch coming in to one of our rehearsals. They will be documenting some of the rehearsals and the performances (DVD and CD recordings). It’s all very exciting.

When I look back at some my suggestions (like filming the performances) from the naysayer’s, knockers and pessimists, to where we are now…”You’re wasting your time,” “They’ll never allow it,” and many less than complimentary words aimed at my direction out of earshot; I can’t help but feel a certain sense of self-satisfaction. I always thought; if they can send man to the moon in a tin box atop several tons of explosive rocket fuel, this will be a breeze in comparison.

Some of the guys have started taking advanced bookings. We’ve already sold over 200 seats; over 50% of the capacity of the 4 shows. Also, the first of 4teaser posters have gone up. They all look great. The guy who does the graphic design stuff could do it for a living; very talented.

The rehearsal itself was all about tightening up some parts and editing out others. The set is over 1 hour and 10 minutes with some sound effects to add. The evening show only gives us a little over an hour to complete the performance.

I’m beginning to feel a little more relaxed, finally.

Be happy, be safe (be wonderful, be free).
Graham Coutts, 28th July 2017

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