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Regular readers will already know that I am not a fan of prison psychologists. I see them as nothing more than charlatans and snake-oil salesmen/women. I have on occasion mentioned that the much lauded Sex Offenders Treatment Programme (SOTP) was based on cult reprogramming techniques and was yielding poor results which continued to waste millions of pounds of public money from paying these charlatans salaries of up to £60,000 per year. £60,000 per year! That would pay for a rather nice lifestyle in the North-East.

I could reference the various reports I obtained but, now, there is no need. The following is taken from information attached to our pay slips this week; this is what a £60,000 per year salary has delivered:

“SOTP Research an evaluation of the prison SOTP programme has shown that it led to little or no change in sexual or non-sexual re-offending [it gets worse].

Facts about the research.

The research looked at 2,562 men who did the Core programme between 2000 and 2012 [12 years worth of exorbitant, public-funded, salaries]

This group were compared with 13,219 men who did not do the Core programme.

The groups were “matched” on important factors like age; risk level, offence type etc. So the main difference was if the had done the Core programme or not.

The men who did Core had a 2% point’s higher rate of sexual re-offending than those who did not [“What!”] I hear you say. Yes, that’s right. That £60,000 per year psychologists had been increasing sexual recidivism. That’s at least 2 more people per hundred who were sexually offended against because of prison psychologists’ ‘treatment’]”

What’s that? “Surely, heads are rolling over such gross incompetence?” Well, no. One thing they are good at doing is manipulation of the facts (they’ve been doing that the entirety of the time SOTP has been in operation) and manipulation of people; even intelligent people high up in within the Prison Service and government. They shouldn’t feel so bad about having the wool pulled over their eyes; these psychologists are trained to do this. Now when you hear a psychologist telling you that a course is accredited you now know just how meaningless that is in terms of reducing recidivism.

“So, what is happening?” Mmm, these psychologist are being allowed to continue their work in increasing sexual recidivism by introducing 2 new courses, whose efficacy has not been evaluated and, yes, they continue to be paid ridiculous amounts of public money delivering no reduction in recidivism; which still runs at just under 50%.
As it doesn’t look likely that any of them will do the honourable thing and resign, when will the Government wake up and realise that prison psychologists are, at best, average and, at worst, criminally negligent.

Be happy, be safe (da, di, da, di, da).
Graham Coutts, 29th July 2017

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