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Hello friend,

In some respects, it has been a positive week. I had a couple of meetings: firstly, with the theatre director and the staff facilitator (drummer), for want of a better title; oh, actually, I remember, the ‘musicians in residence’ (much better). We discussed sets and costumes (and VIP invites). After kicking around a few ideas, the set is going to be 16 cubes. Each side will be painted a separate colour to evoke the mood of the scene; that’s the side which will face the audience at any given time. One side will white, for us to construct a 4 x 4 projection wall. Another side will have a picture of a house, which will be constructed during the last 2 numbers (the last one being ‘Coming Home’). It was all very exciting.

The next day I had a meeting with Governor […] for an update on where management are and what their next steps are. The management team had a meeting later on in the week with the Textiles and Woodwork departments. It’s finally coming together.

We also started to put together a selection of sound effects, which will lead from or into some of the numbers. That was a lot fun; some crazy sounds, man!

The rehearsal was concerning. The bass player couldn’t make it so we split into groups. I and the other guitarist ran through some numbers with the singers. As we were only using acoustic guitars I could hear every error that was being made and every part which hadn’t been learnt. I really had to suppress my disappointment and irritation. There were some valid reasons which by the end of the day had been sorted, I think. I went down to ‘band night’ in the evening for some one-to-one with the other guitarist. It went much better, which lifted his spirits and confidence. Fortunately, we have some extra rehearsals arranged; we’re going to need them.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts, 22nd July 2017

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