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A few weeks ago we were allowed to vote for 4 of our channels. We get, as mandatory, BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4and 5. We could choose a news channel (from BBC or SKY) and 3 others. Previously, we had BBC News 24, ITV 2 and 4, and Film 4.

The results came in… ITV 4, Film 4, Movie Mix, and Sky News. All I heard for about 3 weeks was moan, moan, and moan. There’s no pleasing some folk.

I did do a FOI request to find out what TV channels other high security prisons get but I can’t lay my hands on it right now; having a sort out. I recall that there was no continuity in terms of number and selection of channels.

This week we unexpectedly got a bonus – E4 was added; although, I think it was a sweetener as the wages are about to changed and some guys will be getting paid less; the lazy ones.

Be happy, be safe.

Graham Coutts, 22nd January 2017

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  • BBC4 should be added too – plenty of educational shows to watch.

    • “Hi, Jo,

      Apologies for the delay in replying; communication breakdown. Yes, BBC4 would be great to have in here. Lots of great music documentaries and European dramas. I did vote for it when we were all canvassed for our choices. Unfortunately, it did not receive enough votes. The populace has spoken.

      Thanks for your comment, nonetheless. Take care, Graham.

  • And ITV4 is great for its coverage of Tour de Yorkshire.

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