Write To Graham

Graham worked as a musician for many years. Sadly, he has lost touch with many good friends and musicians, as well as venue/bar owners/staff and gig goers that he has had the pleasure of knowing. One of the people who met Graham through his work as a musician, recently approached someone who is in contact with his family. She spoke at length about him, and that she, and others, believe that Graham has been wrongfully convicted.

Do not underestimate how powerful your support could be, or worry about how long it has been, or what to write. A few lines to say “hello” would be enough to let Graham know that he was still in your thoughts.

You can write to him at:
Graham Coutts (A4532AE)
HMP Wakefield,
5, Love Lane,
West Yorkshire

or use the excellent emailaprisoner at http://emap.prison-technology-services.com


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