2020 – 89 – TRANSFER

Transfer: suspended in limbo…

Hello friend,

Day 202…

Well, here’s the news – lots of spaces on paper (see 2020 – 71) but the reality is somewhat different. I was informed (FOI request) that the spaces available are in double occupancy cells occupied by prisoners who have been risk assesssed as ‘unable to share.’ Plus, they’ve got a large backlog of prisoners in Scotland waiting to be transferred to my destination prison. It got worse…

…I finally receivd a reply (after 3 unanswered letters) from the SPS but only after writing to the Scottish Justice Service. Cross – border transfers were suspended in March! Seven months of asking questions internally and many, many letters – why did it take all of this to find out a simple and disclosable piece of information? All of that wasted time, stress and anxiety… mean.

Given the current restrictions, I can’t see me being transferred for many more months. This could have been facilitated well before the lockdown.

Compassionate grounds…?

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 11th October 2020

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