2020 – 90 – INSIDE TIME

Inside time: a clockwork lemon

Hello friend,

Day 206…

Some interesting articles in the October issue of Inside Time:

Yet another Government White Paper trotting out the same old rubbish – “TOUGHER JUSTICE”, they scream! Whole life terms for 18-21 year-olds, maximum sentences increased – could you get any more American? It’s not a complicated logic: American system equals American level of crime. Jail terms are already 43% longer than they were a decade ago – and that’s excluding life sentences! Retribution? stupid, stoo-pid! I’m beginning to think that politicians are more interested in votes than reducing crime. Tell me, am I being cynical?

This leads on to an interesting letter – ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – from an indeterminate setenced prisoner. He poses the question: “Have you ever felt like you are a guinea pig in part of a much wider criminal justice experiment?” Yes, yes I have – for many years. He goes on to theorise that some p
risoners are detained “purely for the benefit of those pseudo-science preaching psychologists.”

Yet another failed scheme: “Key workers not working, says IMB annual report.” Key workers are meant build a good relationship with prisoners by meeting with them for 45 minutes each week, getting to know them and sorting out their issues. I’ve seen it many times before. It starts with a fanfare and due to weak management – who were possibly never on board in the first place – bit by bit, it all breaks down. I’ve actually got a pretty decent keyworker but he’s only part-time – I’ve not seen him for a meeting since before lockdown.

Part 2 to follow…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 15th October 2020

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