May 2014

I know – I’m a bit late but this is my update for May.

I had a meeting with my solicitor, Mark Newby, 6 days ago.  We are still on track to submit an application to the CCRC by the beginning of 2015.  He has moved the case forward in a number of areas, some of which we will be detailing in the coming months.  One area is “hypoxyphilia”, including the physiological changes, the prevalence, and the tragically large number of people who die accidentally from this activity.

I finally got the result from my stress ECG.  My heart is undamaged and the pumping action is uncompromised.  In other words, I’m fine.  However, this doesn’t explain the exercise induced angina.  All I got from the Doctor was, “angina is a complex condition with many different causes”.  I’m waiting to take delivery of those crazy “Insanity” exercise DVDs. so if you don’t hear from me again…….

I will be writing something soon about the value of music and education based activities on the lives of prisoners and, by extension, the benefits on a wider socio-economic scale.

Finally, one of my biggest challenges is here to remain focussed on my appeal and not allow internal issues distract my attention.  Unfortunately, due to my innate sense of fairness and justice, I have found myself compelled to right a wrong perpetrated against a third party.  This involved me saying something which I knew would result in sanctions being taken against me.  However, due to the actions of the third party, this should have quashed, once and for all, any lingering doubts certain quarters still had about them and hopefully a line can finally be drawn under the issue.

Sometimes, to do the right thing you have to make personal sacrifices, regardless of the consequences to yourself.  Some good people are just worth the risk.

Be happy, be safe, see you next time.                                                                                                               Graham Coutts, 30th June 2014

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