Rant Hello friend, I’ve been building up a list of my pet peeves. Let’s call this pet peeve no.1: Have you noticed how the preponderance of vomiting in films and TV drama? One film must have started off this craze. Perhaps, the protagonist experienced a huge trauma and spontaneously vomited. Possibly realistic given the right
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2017 – 169 – key Key Hello friend, The original blog entitled ‘key’ was stopped by security as it was deemed as: ‘could cause anxiety’. Putting to one side that the PSI only allows them stop correspondence/blog ‘intends to cause anxiety’, who would it cause anxiety to? The original blog was about one of the
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Transfer Hello friend, I received the decision on my cross -border transfer application for me to go to Scotland. Mmm… not what I expected. They say: “Regarding your transfer request there is currently no suitable release address in Scotland and it is not clear whether the Local Authority in Scotland would agree to undertake your
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