2021-08-Final Blog

2021 – 08 – final blog Final blog: is this the end? Hello friends, My last blog asked the question: do you want me to continue the blog? I was 50/50 when I wrote that; then, I discovered we had also lost all your positive and supportive comments (post – 2015). That was heartbreaking. I
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2021 – 06 – dpa DPA: the conclusion Hello friends, (see blog 2020 – 80) This is the second loose end. I stupidly believed their solicitor’s costs’ draftsman when he wrote to me committing to pay me my costs within 21 days. Over nearly 6 months later, and a reminder letter, a court application, a
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2021 04 – projects Projects: let’s go to work! Hello friends, I want to make 2021 a more fulfilling, positive and successful year. In order to free up more of my time for this, I’ve decided to let some issues go – more of that later. The projects I’m going to concentrate on this year
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2021 – 03 – appeal Appeai: lockdown disaster! Hello friends, (see blogs 2020 -17 and 68) This has gone nowhere all year. We had a team of university law students poised to get stuck into the case but we all know how last year turned out for university students. New team or no team? I’ve
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2021 – 02 – coronavirus Coronavirus: jars at the ready! Hello friends, Day 317… We are in the grip of a new outbreak. There’s been 9 positive cases in the prison, including 2 on this wing. Several more are now isolating. Our restrictions have been appropriately tightened. Staffing issues made worse by the recent snowfall.
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2020 – 99 – CORONAVIRUS

Coroavirus: still… ?!

Hello friend,

Day 276…

I couldn’t pass the 9 month mark of our lockdown without a quick update.

The wildfire outbreak (see 2020 – 95) was eventually brought under control; although, there has been one isolated case on our wing, since. Restrictions relaxed and returned to pre- outbreak levels – back …

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