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2019-31-safer custody

2019 – 31 – safer custody Safer Custody Hello friend “I love the smell of effluence in the morning,” he said, whilst walking through a fine mist of human waste. Okay, I’ve a little dramatic licence; nonetheless, the past 12 months (or so) has seen a noticeable rise in violence. It’s been a combination of
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2019-30-safe custody

2019 – 30 – safer custody Safer custody Hello friend, The Chief Inspector of Prisons recently said that our prisons are “plagued by drugs violence and apalling living coditions,” and that suicides were up by a fifth. I have an update on this prison’s safety ready to go for a while but I’m pretty certain
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2020 -04- safer custody

2020 – 04 – safer custody Safer Custody: improved…? Hello friend, Whilst you will never eradicate violence – inside or outside prison – there seems to have been an improvement from earlier on last year. In fact, I wrote 3 blogs (2019-30, 31 & 32) which I’ve been waiting to post at the right time.
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2019 – 81 – shakespeare Shakespeare: uuuh… Hello friend, I’ve just started a Shakespeare workshop. The intention is to put on a slightly abridged version of ‘The Tempest’ – 3 hours into 40 minutes! We’re deciding on a alterative setting for the island. My favourite suggestion is a post-apocalyptic world. It would be easy to
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2019 – 80 – servery Servery: please sir, can I have more… Hello friend, Actually, I’m not bothered about ‘more’, just ‘some’ would be a start. There’s been an issue brewing with all the library and gym workers for quite some time. We work evening shifts through our association. How this works; we get unlocked
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