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Food Hello friend, It’s with great sadness that I’ve come off the vegan diet. For some time now, the vegan choice on the servery (we only get one choice) has been getting worse; both in terms of quantity, imagination, flavour and nutrition. My vegan pack is also poor; apart from the soya milk. Food in
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Caterpillar Hello friend, Just when I’d nearly given up (it had been around 10/11 days), Carlos the caterpillar emerged from his cocoon as a beautiful, brightly coloured…moth! Well…not so beautifully coloured…more of a brown. ‘He’ still looked great, though. I’ve renamed him Marvin. He’s a bit ungrateful, though. After sitting there for a couple of
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2017-128-Cell Search

Cell Search Hello friend, As a Category A prisoner, I get a cell search every month; including the extra searches they do throughout prisons, that’s over 180, and not once has there ever been anything found to be illicit – yet they still persist in this futile exercise. This month’s search: I came back to
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2017-126-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, Harmony rehearsals went really well this week; everyone confident. Choir rehearsal, also, went well. Finally, finished programming the guitar effects pedal patches; I now know why I’m a ‘plug in and play’ guitarist. Had 2 rehearsals this week. The first one was acoustic based to work through the set changes with
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Caterpillar Hello friend, I never thought I’d be writing a blog entitled ‘caterpillar’. I found a caterpillar in a head of lettuce. I named him Carlos. He spent the next few days eating and defecating all over the lettuce. I put his (I say ‘him’) in a plastic bag with some fresh lettuce leaves and
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2017-122-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, I ran into the new Governor who has taken over from Governor […]. He’s passed the project onto one of his managers Luckily not the one who has done so much damage but disappointing nonetheless that he has opted to take a hands off approach. Weekend vocal and harmony rehearsals went
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