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2017-89-Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage Hello friend, I’m waiting to get further tests. (See blogs 14 & 42) Meantime, the PPO has been ‘investigating’ my complaint regarding the prison’s refusal to provide me with protection for my right wrist when applying handcuffs. I submitted this complaint on 11th July 2016; that’s over 11months I’ve had to wait for
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Food Hello friend, The PPO reviewed the investigation (2017 – 74 – food). They stood by the original ‘investigation’. They said that HMP Wakefield are not under any obligation to provide me with an alternative to the peanut butter and nuts, and that I have chosen not to accept these items on the basis that
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Food Hello friend, Rule 24 (2) of the Prison Rules 1999 provides: “The food provided shall be wholesome, nutritious, well prepared and served, reasonably varied and sufficient in quantity.” This was served last Friday to the vegans: Breakfast 1 x small packet of cereal Lunch 1 x baguette 2 x veg sausages ½ tomato teaspoon
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2017-85-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend I was back in with the choir this week. I think some of them feel a little intimidated by the prospect of their participation in the rock opera; however, once they understood that they will only be on about half of the numbers, and only singing parts of each song, you
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Media Hello friend, The Metro have come back to IPSO with another proposed article corrections; however, they have changed little and still not admitted that they included falsely attributed quotes and/or claims. Also, still no proper apology to my family. This will have to go to IPSO’S Committee to adjudicate, along with the Daily Star.
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2017-83-Stopped Mail

Stopped Mail Hello friend, Security finally gave me the stopped IPSO letter and newspaper articles. Weirdly (not so much), I also received another letter and article from IPSO the day after it was mailed, but not the other one which had been sent between these two. The reason the letter had been stopped was because
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