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Smell! Hello friend, There must be some primeval danger alert from horrible smells. One such horrible smell woke me up in the middle of the night. It was a cross between vomit and faeces. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Come the following morning and the smell had permeated throughout our entire wing
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2017-154-Category A (review)

Category A (review) Hello friend, I got a reply back to my complaint (see blog 139). They have postponed the internal review (LAP) of my Category A status pending fresh up to date reports.. Let’s see how many more inaccuracies Psychology and Security include Be happy, be safe. Graham Coutts, 11th November 2017

2017-151-Campaign Site

Campaign Site Hello friend, You may have noticed that some of the blogs have been posted out of chronological order and some blogs are missing. This has been partly due to holding back the Arts Project blogs until we had performed the shows. Unfortunately, when all the Arts Project blogs were sent for posting a
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2017-150-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, I’ve decided how to deal with the guy from the other day who behaved in such an appalling manner towards me. I’m going to issue him with a legal notice to cease and desist from using any of my (intellectually copyright protected) work. Hopefully, this will be enough to draw a
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Appeal Hello friend, You’re probably wondering: “What’s happening with this supposed appeal? Surely it doesn’t take this long?” Well…every case has different grounds which require proper investigation. In my case, it’s taking somewhat longer than anticipated. I spoke with one of my solicitor’s people: we’re still waiting on advice from the QC and the forensic
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2017-148-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, Give me strength! So… one of the guys on the team is…what shall we say…a little highly strung. There were many rehearsals where he would flip out about, what we would consider to be nothing. For example, someone might have moved a lead from one position to another. See, nothing. However,
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Transfer Hello friend, It’s been nearly a year since I submitted my application for a cross-border transfer to Scotland. Well. Finally, the English side have done whatever it is they needed to do and the application is now with the Scottish Prison Service. Hopefully, not too much longer. Be happy, be safe. Graham Coutts, 8th
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