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Caterpillar Hello friend, I never thought I’d be writing a blog entitled ‘caterpillar’. I found a caterpillar in a head of lettuce. I named him Carlos. He spent the next few days eating and defecating all over the lettuce. I put his (I say ‘him’) in a plastic bag with some fresh lettuce leaves and
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2017-122-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, I ran into the new Governor who has taken over from Governor […]. He’s passed the project onto one of his managers Luckily not the one who has done so much damage but disappointing nonetheless that he has opted to take a hands off approach. Weekend vocal and harmony rehearsals went
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Food Hello friend, Staff stealing prisoners’ food from the servery is a sackable offence. Throughout my time in prison I have observed staff doing this many times, yet, I am not aware of any of them being sacked. I’ve been getting a number of reports that some of the staff who work on the servery
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2017-119-Arts Project

Arts Project Hello friend, After the previous great week it all came crashing to the ground. First thing: I found out that Textiles still hadn’t started the costumes; several weeks since we all got measured,. At this rate we’ll only have 1 or 2 dress rehearsals. Next: I was informed by the woodwork guys that
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