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2020-74-inconsequential grumble

Inconsequential Grumble: our beautiful language… Hello friend, Day 131… Being the ‘serial whinger’ that I am (ahem), I thought it was time to resurrect what I had previously entitled ‘rant’ and rebrand it as my ‘inconsequential grumble.’ Think Victor Meldrew but prettier (1). Do you, like me, ever get that little gnarly irritation when you
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Media: no…ehh… lots of comment Hello friend, Day 127… I mentioned there had been a couple of nasty stories about me recently in a Scottish tabloid (see blog 2020 – 62); well, it was the Scottish Sunday Sun and – guess what – they’ve published a third story! Why? This is what might be termed
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Media: a greasy story by… Hello friend, Day 127… So, the ‘chips’ story (see blog 2020 – 62): I was led to believe that was the Sunday Star – written anonymously (well would you put your name to such tripe?) My complaint to their editor led to no reply – the same as my last
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Transfer: how times have changed… Hello friend, Day 123… My last blog (2020 – 18) dealt with the supposed barrier to my transfer to Scotland – over population. Here’s the latest figures, dated 22nd July 2020 . 348 prisones were released under the ‘Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020’ .Current capacity of SPS (Scottish Prison Sevice) =
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