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2020 – 30 – heart Heart: what a pain in the chest (groan) Hello friend, Day 15… (see 2019-69 + 70) The British Heart Foundation (BHF) responded to my question as to ‘stable angina not causing an increased mortality risk’ – they didn’t know where this cardiologist was coming from. Common sense tells you that
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2020 27 – coronavirus Coronavirus: the good, the bad and the snuggly (!) Hello friend Day 12… The good: the canteen sheet is almost back to normal. Still no frozen or chilled but we can now buy bananas, tomatoes and a couple of other fruits. Showers are back to daily – for those that are
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2020-26-cotton traders

2020 – 26 – cotton traders Cotton Traders:… eh,… Space Invaders?! Hello friend, Day 11… (see 2019 – 78) The Ombudsman upheld 2 out of 3 parts to my complaint. They say it was reasonable for HMP Wakefield to confiscate the Cotton Traders catalogue. The prison told them of their security concerns around paper being
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2020-23- media

2020 – 23 – media: Media: don’t get your pantaloons in a twist! Hello friend, Dy 8… A couple of weeks ago there was a small sidebar in one of the red tops about the Shakespeare workshops (2019 – 81). I wrote that I had “just started a Shakespeare workshop”. They turned that into I
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