My name is Graham Coutts.  I have been wrongfully convicted of murder, and have been imprisoned since April 2003
For those of you that have an interest in my case, the WRONGFUL CONVICTION section will be of interest. In particular check out REASONABLE DOUBT, FORENSIC EVIDENCE, POLICE ON JURY and 1st CCRC APPLICATION

Since January 2014 I have been posting a monthly BLOG. Should you wish to follow this by email, there is now an ONLINE APPLICATION.
Despite my initial reservations, I now realise I have a lot to say about my current circumstances. PRISON LIFE is a section that will be developed considerably through 2015 and will include extracts from my PRISON JOURNAL.

Also under development is the WHO IS GRAHAM? section. Check out POETRY and SONGS AND MUSIC.
If you want to contact me my details can be found on WRITE TO GRAHAM.

Be happy, be safe.
Graham Coutts 10th November 2014

Graham is a son, brother, and a Father. Please – if you have any information, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, on any aspect of this case, contact his solicitor:

Mark Newby
Jordans Solicitors
4 Priory Place

Tel: 01302 365374
Email: info@jordans11p.com

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  • Hi Graham. I’m sure we used to go school together. Good luck with everything.

  • Graham, I was a neighbour of yours. I saw you around.. I am also into non traditional sex practices. When I saw your case, I had the eerie feeling it could be me. There are complex issues sometimes when one is interested in things defined outside the norm; and when confronted by a rabid public opinion it is impossible to make the nuances of our lifestyle understood.. My heart breaks graham, when I have been watching tour case all I can think is there bit for the grace of god (sort of, I’m an atheist) goes I… Graham, how u holding up mate ? I cant believe that it has been so long now and no human rights lawyer has taken your case.. Do you have one? Maybe I could help by finding a list of some or contacting them for you? … Mostly I wanted to say, I have followed your case from the start and I am still with you my brother.. If there is any way I can help, please let me know and I will… Yours with love and sincerity, Sacha

    • Hi, Sacha,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to post your message of support. Over the years and through the grapevine I’ve heard various positive and supportive things said but it makes all the difference when someone has the courage to put it in the public domain.

      You make some incisive points regarding the complexities of non-conventional lifestyles. No-one is one thing or the other; we are all multi-faceted. Sadly, public opinion (or more accurately, what the media dissemination as public opinion) dehumanises people who engage in any lifestyle which is alternative. This creates a culture which enables others to behave appallingly towards other human beings.

      However, if your “non traditional sex practices” involve any element of risk to yourself or others, you have to stop. It’s not your own personal cost which eats you up but the cost to others. Something like this emanates outwards like ripples in a pond; and those ripples never dissipate.

      In answer to your offer of help: I do already have one of the most respected appeal solicitors working on my appeal recommended by Bob Woffinden, no less. However, anything you can do to publicise my wrongful conviction and this campaign site would be much appreciated.

      Be safe


    • if you see this message please check out my link here

  • Fascinating insight to the case; so can you tell me what the circumstances were when/just before Jane died? It’s important to ascertain the circumstances surrounding her death to obtain a distinct interpretation of who is at fault?

  • Hi Graham

    I’m a bit of a writer and have started to push your case in the direction of a film company. I’ll keep you posted if I get anywhere.

    Jim Morris

    • “Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your interest in my case and taking the time to post a comment.

      I have to say that I’m really not sure how to respond. My initial reaction was this would be an appalling thing to do. Films are entertainment. There is nothing entertaining about what happened and the subsequent 13 years. ‘Exploitative’ was the word that came to mind.
      However, on reflection, if something was ever made which highlighted the danger and unpredictable nature of BCP, and the potential consequences, maybe this would be a good thing. I have always believed that if the tabloids had got their heads out of the gutter and ran stories on these dangers maybe some of the people who have lost their lives over the past 13 years would still be alive.

      Of course, media and film are big business and what their shareholders want to see s profit. Sadly, I feel that this is what would drive the decision on any potential film; which would probably lead us back to exploitation.

      You are, of course, at liberty to write to me at Wakefield.
      Take care

  • Hello Graham, this is Angela from Stoke, i actually lived in your house in peace haven with Irish Cathy lol. Im the tall dark girl. Anyway, iv always had a sneaking suspicion that what happened was an accident, just a gut feeling, i wish you luck. Fondest wishes, Angela x

    • Hi Angela,

      You could’ve stopped at, “This is Angela, I lived in your house” – of course I remember you (and Cathy). How long has it been – 28 years? Wow! Where has it all gone?
      Than you so much for your support and kind word; it really does lift my spirits.

      So what’cha be doing the last 28 years; still in touch with Cathy or anyone else from that time?

      Drop me a line, if you want (or use “email a prisoner”).
      Take care of yourself.

    • Angela if you see this message please check out my link here

  • Sorry i forgot, Stormseal.

  • Dear Graham.
    I don’t know you but I’ve heard you are a fine musician. I knew Jane as she was my neighbour for a while. I remember hearing the news and thinking at the time, as I do now, that this was a tragic accident. I can not begin to imagine how you are coping. The sheer panic and terror of the event. The black and white of judgement when the situation must have been must have been very complex.
    I have read other comments. Particularly the one re a film. I wouldn’t go near it. Reading your response, I totally agree with you. I can only hope that you can express all of this through music. I am a musician. I write for TV and independent films. Like you , a guitar player. Do you have access to one ? You must have so much to say throughout this most painful episode.
    I have watched a film many times recently……Downloading Nancy. Although a very different scenario, there are parallels. It is very sensitively portrayed on all fronts. I hope somehow you get a chance to see it. It’s on Youtube. Painful though it may be. The soundtrack is beautiful.
    I hope my writing to you hasn’t been an imposition.
    Keep thinking music Graham. My thoughts are with you.

    Very best wishes


  • Hi Phil, thanks for taking the time to post such a supportive comment. You use the words “panic” and “terror”, and yes you are right; but that still does not come close to conveying my feelings and emotions at that moment and the subsequent weeks (and months and years). I have tried, and failed, to explain this to 2 juries using just these sorts of words; but it is never enough. I just end up with 12 blank faces looking for a reason to convict. You are also right referring to the situation as “complex”. Some people may consider that there is only right or wrong decisions in the circumstances I found myself in; but nothing in ‘normal’ life prepares you to act rationally when faced with such horrifying events.

    It’s great to hear from a fellow musician. Were you gigging around Brighton 13+ years ago? Given how tight the Brighton music scene was, I suspect w probably know a few of the same people. I’m intrigued to know who you spoke to about my playing and where they saw me. I really miss gigging.

    I have had periods without a guitar (notably HMP Belmarsh) but I have my own electric guitar and keep my hand in with the weekly band night, and twice yearly concerts. It’s hopeful that I will get the green light to put on my ‘rock opera’; less of an opera, more a concept piece. How did you get into writing for TV and film?

    I’ve not heard of ‘Downloading Nancy’. It’s unlikely that I would get to see it in here, unless Film 4 screens it.

    Nice to hear from you, Phil. Take care, Graham.

  • Hello Graham, I am very saddened to hear this. #kinkylivesmatter



  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfvMI0ZWtNE

    SECONDS, NOT MINUTES. Hes fine and everything turned around thank God, but it can go that quick. Please if someone sees this clip get it to the correct person that email gets kicked back.
    Feel free to contact Me at goddessnemesisblaze@gmail.com

    I only put the partial clip up because of My terrified cracking during this.. I have the full clip.

    • “Hi GN,

      Apologies for the delay in replying; communication breakdown. Whilst I’m not entirely sure of what you are referring to, I’m pretty sure I’ve joined the dots. You asked for the clip to go to the correct person; I’ve written to my appeal solicitor; he may be in touch in due course. I hope that is what you were wanting to happen.

      Take care, be safe. Graham.”

  • hi grahamcoutts,hope u win your back appealed case..goodluck to you brother,im understand ,even if im in your shoes, i can imagine it,pray for you bro,pray to God .nothing is impossible to him.
    take care and be safe.

    • Hi Fabian,
      Thanks for your kind words. I don’t think people realise how important it is for me to hear that there are people out there like yourself, who care. Hope to hear from you again at some point. Keep coming back.
      Take care. Graham

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