2021 – 06 – dpa

DPA: the conclusion

Hello friends,

(see blog 2020 – 80) This is the second loose end. I stupidly believed their solicitor’s costs’ draftsman when he wrote to me committing to pay me my costs within 21 days. Over nearly 6 months later, and a reminder letter, a court application, a court hearing and court order, the MoJ finally pay the agreed amount.

This guy’s performance at the videolink court hearing was bizarre and embarassing: chopping and changing his excuses, no evidence served, he didn’t know damages had already been paid or even how prisoners are paid.

Why let it go to a hearing when the result was inevitable? Was this an ego – driven power trip to delay payment.

Oh, well, onto my next three cases…

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 3rd February 2021

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