2021-05-Asthma Attack

2021 – 05 – asthma attack

Asthma Attack:the conclusion

Hello friends,

(See blog 2019 – 54) I wanted to tie up a couple of loose ends – this being one. I didn’t pursue my claim against care UK, in the end. I weighed up the potential work against the possible damages – not worth it; plus, the MoJ had settled my claim against them – I’m not greedy.

The NMC did not pursue a full investigation against the two nurses. They felt that not attending an asthmatic having an asthma attack and without his inhaler was not that serious. Whaaat! I know, go figure. Plus, the the PPO had already investigated and upheld my complaint against the prison and the two nurses. Whaaat! I know, go figure. It’s a funny old world.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Grahan Coutts, 3rd February 2021

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