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2020-38-DPA Letter

2020 – 38 – dpa letter DPA Letter:…into the void… Hello friend, Day 23… Case 4: My 2020 – 26 blog touched on this DPA breach. In most respects, this is the most serious. When they stopped the Cotton Trader’s catalogue they also stopped a letter from my mother. That letter subsequently disappeared never to
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DPA Subject Access Requests Hello friend, Day 21… Case 2: When I made a Subject Access Request (sar) for all the mercury Intelligence reports, including Nurse X’s IR (predictably) I was met with a total refusal. I complained . To appease me the MoJ sent a couple of redacted summaries. I complained again. They disclosed
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2020 – 34 – coronavirus Coronavirus: time to ‘reset’ Hello friend, Day 19… Well, that was all the health stuff – time for my ‘ever friendly ‘update’… There’s not much to say. The prison is still clear of the virus; however, as people can be contagious a few days before displaying symptoms, it is entirely
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