2020 – 86 – heart

Heart: ‘stress test’ Funny?

Hello friend,

Day 179…

Nothing progresses for months on end (see blog 2020 -70) and then… boom! Well, more like creak, groan tham ‘boom.’

I had a teleconference with a GP I no forewarning of this so I wasn’t prepared. It was confusing. My prison GP had referred me to another cardiologist, not a GP. It also wasn’t clear which hospital he was calling from. Anyway, the upshot was, he was transferring me to another hospital. It seemed like the problem hospital were washing their hands of me.

Then after pushing myself too hard doing some exercise, I got a really bad angina attack which culminated in a very painful, ‘sharp spasm’. I had some low-level pain for a few days and a couple of ECG’s. In fact, I was treated really well by the nurses – much concern and a plan.

So, only 11 days ago, I had another teleconference. This time, with my prison GP – finally, after over 6 months. This GP is one of the best I’ve ever had. Plans were put in place for dealing with my heart issues (and other medical issues).

Another 10 days later, another teleconference. This time from an International Cardiologist from Leeds. This is the hospital I have wanted to be seen for ages. They have a British Heart Foundation funded cardiopogy unit. Unlike the conflict I had with my first cardiologist, this guy respected my choice not to take medication and didn’t use it as a reason not to investigate. In fact, he’s booking me in for a ‘stress echo.’ Check out my blog from 2014 when I did a treadmill test stress test – a ‘stress echo’ is the same but they do an echogram at the same time to check out the heart’s pumping ability..

Well, that’s only taken 2 years and 8 months of battling!

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 18th September 2020

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