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Orders: last… ?

Hello friend,

Day 175…

Backk here again (see blog 2020 – 75). My lst orders’ failures include ordering 7 items and only receiving 1 – still got charged £1 for ‘admin.’

The worst was this: I made 2 orders – one from ‘Specialist’ for a pack of fineliners (£4.80) and a pack of felt tips (£1.99) – the other for 5 CD’s. I waited the now obligatory 5 weeks for the prison to even place the order – money went out – money went straight back in – all refunded. In other words, I was back to square one.

The reasons: the fineliners’ price had increased by £1. There is a box on the order form where you can agree to pay up to £5 more (for each item) -I’m not chancing that for such low value items. The logic of getting my consent to pay £1 more was lost on that department – it would’ve saved them a whole lot of time and trouble re-processing my order again.

The CD’s: they claimed that Amazon did not ‘fulfil’ any of the CD’s I had ordered. I know, for a fact, that they fulfil the 2 Dr Feelgood CD’s. I had to go through the 2 complaint stages to get some sort of resolution.

They also refused to refund me £1.71 for a previous CD purchase which was cheaper than the price I had put on the order form. I eventually got an apology and a refund.

Why is it such a battle, every time – even for the simplest of items.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 14th September 2020

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