2020-79-aphorisms and maxims

Aphorisms and Maxims: I got nothing!

Hello friend,

Day 141…

I’ve been ruthlesly downsizing my paperwork. Part of this involved me re-reading, my 2014 – 2017 blogs. They seemed more amusing, cutting and fearless – or, maybe my perspective is skewed and they’re bland, boring and repetitive…?!

Anyway, for a time I’d end the attribution with an aphorism or maxim (dependent on your preference) inspired by the content of the blog. I thought it might be an interesting exercise to pull my favourites together – so, here we go… in no particular order:
Be happy, be safe…

… and enjoy the beauty of life
… be wonderful, be free
… and bring some joy into the world instead
… of pedalling hate and lies
… and hold onto your optimism
… and find your inner child, it’s fun
… and support those who want to change their lives and others for the better
… and let the irony inherent in life make you smile
… and get more live music in your life, it’ll make you happier
… and always find at least one joyful moment in every day
… and never let the disappointments in life crush your spirit
… and make your voice heard
… you are stronger than you think
… don’t get depressed: make decisions that will change you life for the better
… and shake it off
… and cultivate your determination to succeed, whatever the obstacles
… and always remenber that unhappiness is not a permanent state of mind
… and find the strength to deal with your reality
… and support your local music scene
… and support the people who make the effort to become better human beings
… and, as much as you can, live a life that doesn’t harm others
… and never leave anything until it ends on a positive note
… eat well and live long… and prosper
…and be nice

There’s a few more but these have a more positive message. Some of the others are a little darker and more sardonic; which can be a useful tool to make a point.

I might do a part 2…

Be happy, be safe and be kind (and… all of the above!)
Graham Coutts, 11th August 2020

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