2020-75-Orders: enjoy your chow toy!

Orders: enjoy your chow toy!

Hello friend,

Day 135…

You know how you’ve been doing a bit of retail therapy to make your lockdown a little more bearable and interesting … clickety – click – click – click… next day delivery – a little bit of joy and enrichment. It will come as no surprise, things are a little different in here.

Firstly, we have no direct access to the internet. So, how do we buy a product or item? Well, we are limited to a few suppliers. We can order from Amazon but only if they fulfil the order – no 3rd party sellers. A lot of the suppliers no longer provide catalogues – so we don’t even know what is currently stocked or the prices. The prison offer no official products and price search service. Imagine you want to buy some T-shirts from Amazon – you’re reliant on people outside to spend the time finding a product you ‘might’ like, in your size and price range, which Amazon fulfils. You get paid pocket money, so you don’t want to waste any ot it on something you’re not going to like. Days and weeks pass becouse you still cannot find what you’re after…

… it gets worse. Due to staff shortages and a lot more orders being processed, the delays from order to delivery are massive – about 7 weeks! For example, I ordered (from Argos – one of the few suppliers who provide a catalogue) a DVD player, ADMI cable and in-ear headphones – 7 weeks later I received… the ADMI cable! DVD player – out of stock and headphones no longer stocked. So, now I’ve got to wait another 5-7 weeks for items you’d receive the next day, whilst enjoying my ‘wonderful’ ADMI chow toy!

Oh, the joy!

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 5th August 2020

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