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Hello friend,

Day 127…

I mentioned there had been a couple of nasty stories about me recently in a Scottish tabloid (see blog 2020 – 62); well, it was the Scottish Sunday Sun and – guess what – they’ve published a third story! Why? This is what might be termed ‘concerning obsessive behaviour.’

The story – written by someone called Mr Acton – alleges that I had written a “66 page rant over jail care,” a “66 page rant about prison nurses – including one [I] claimed hurt my feelings,” and that I had “claimed that one nurse upset {me] by calling [me] “threatening” and “irate.” He goes on to call me a “serial whinger,” [how ironic] and that “care UK and the Ministry of Justice rejected [my] letter.”

Where has he got his information? It could only be from blogs 2020 – 32 and 33. You will note the following: I raised a fitness to practice concern to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) ; x 16 page letter and 50 page bundle (of evidence – applications, complaints nd medical file). As only myself and the NMC are in possession of this concern, Mr Acton is not in a position to express an opinion on the content. In fact, as a concern, it is devoid of histrionics and simply lays out the facts and chronology. Plus, Care UK and the MoJ are not the recipient of my concern, so could not “reject” it, even if they wanted to – that decision is for the NMC.

Putting to one side Mr Acton’s fabrications, inaccuracies and distortions of the truth, the whole tone is one of hatred. He attempts to vilify me by implying – through his use of rather silly and immature language – that I make numerous and trivial complaints driven by anger against nurses. He clearly had read blog 2020 – 33, so would have known that my mother was a 40+ career nurse and that “I have an enormous amount of respect for healthcare professionals (particularly right now).”

So, what does all of this tell us about the Scottish Sunday Sun and Mr Acton? They deceive and manipulate their readers; and, most tragically, their readers are willing participants and pay them money for the privilege.

I’m beginning to think that the Scottish Sunday Sun has some sort of malevolent agenda. Complaint submitted to the Sun Ombudsman.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 28th July 2020

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