Transfer: how times have changed…

Hello friend,

Day 123…

My last blog (2020 – 18) dealt with the supposed barrier to my transfer to Scotland – over population. Here’s the latest figures, dated 22nd July 2020

. 348 prisones were released under the ‘Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020’
.Current capacity of SPS (Scottish Prison Sevice) = 7725
Current population of SPS = 7004

That’s a drop of 1023 since my last FOI request in February! Better still, the population of the prison I’m earmarked for has dropped by 137, creating 81 spaces.

Barrier gone, right? Yet, I’m still here. I have written to the SPS seeking an explanation. I’ll keep you posted.

Be happy, be safe and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 24th July 2020

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