2020-68-Appeal: the furtiveness of the CPS

Appeal: the furtiveness: of the CPS

Hello friend,

Day 118…

I wish I had some news. I’m waiting for an update from my solicitor. I know he’s been pursuing the unused evidence schedule but the CPS are refusing to give it up. Now why would they refuse?

Recently there has been case after case collapsing after it was revealed that vital evidence, which would have supported the defendant, had been concealed in the unused evidence schedule. This is a schedule which the police and CPS control and rarely disclose to the defence. Can you see the flaw in this process.

Whilst they are meant to disclose all evidence which could support the defence, they are also agressively pursuing a conviction. The stakes are even higher in a high-profile case where careers are made – promotions, higher salaries, reputations and bigger pensions.

This doesn’t look good for the CPS or for British justice.

Be happy, be good and be kind.
Graham Coutts, 19th July 2020

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